Mega Park


Some incredible things can be done with the new level editor, I highly suggest you give it a try. Not only is the creation of the levels incredibly easier, but so is sharing. No longer do you have to go through the hassle of submitting codes, taking pictures etc. All of this can be done inside the level editor, and codes are no longer necessary.

Mega park is not the best map, but it showcases some great things. Give this map a try, it sure is exciting.

CODE: Oh wait, just click here and play: Mega Park


3 thoughts on “Mega Park

  1. You ever thought of getting sponsors for your game, like a ski company whose skis would be in the game, or an outerwear company that the guy would wear? Just a thought I had I thought I’d share. Cool game, well done.

  2. i found that some things were missing and i tried reloading but it didnt help i dont know if its a you thing or a level editor thing but i thought id let you know and besides the missing stuff its epic by far one of the best maps i have ever played

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